Claims Guidelines

What should you do if you find cargo loss/ damage?

Upon opening of the container and making certain that there are damages:

a. Prior to / during cargo stripping:

b. HALT all stripping. Immediately notify / invite the following for joint survey:

  • local PCM Authorized Personnel;

  • Insurer’s Authorized Personnel/Licensed Surveyor, (if any);

  • If you have no insurer, arrange your own cargo surveyor, who is licensed, to inspect the cargo and protect your interest;

  • Shipper/Seller or their Authorized Personnel, (if available);

  • In the absence of personnel b & c, a barangay/police official may be invited to conduct an ocular inspection & execute a signed Report bearing their official seal thereon.

Diligently mitigate loss & preserve relevant evidence, by taking clear photo shots of:

  • Untouched damage item/s whilst inside the van;

  • Container Van including the van number, while loaded on top of the trailer;

  • Truck/Tractor head including the plate number with the loaded Van;

  • Visible defect/s on the container that could have caused the damage.

  • Cooperate with PCM Express, during investigation, to determine the reason & extent of cargo damage.

b) How do you register your claim?

You must send the full set of claim documents to the local PCM Express office for authentication & its eventual transmittal to our claims department.

c) When should PCM be held liable?

Very often we receive claims based on a standard cover letter suggesting that we are liable without properly outlining the reasons. We require an explanation as to why we are considered liable before we can initiate a review of the claim.

d) What documents are required to file a claim?

  1. Cover sheet/ official claim notification letter stating:

  2. Bill of Lading number;

  3. Container Van number;

  4. Description of the damage;

  5. Itemized justifications for the alleged loss/damage;

  6. Amount claimed.

  7. Original/copy of the Bill of Lading/POD/Waybill (document used to effect delivery).

  8. Claim calculation showing full details of the claimed loss/damage;

  9. Survey/Barangay/Police report with good quality colored pictures;

  10. Original/authenticated copy of the cargo invoice(s) and packing list supporting amounts claimed;

  11. Destruction certificate (where cargo is declared to be a total loss and is subsequently destroyed);

  12. Salvage invoice/receipt (where cargo has been auctioned away or salvaged);

  13. Original subrogation form, properly dated and identifying the insurer;

  14. Other relevant documents as may be required.

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